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Project Description
The Jigsaw framework was created to accelerate the development of search web applications. Jigsaw is a component framework, based on JSF, built on top of both ESP's APIs, search and content APIs, divided on layers and it uses the best patterns and practices of development.

Jigsaw framework is generic enough to deal with many development scenarios, very easy to configure and very expansible. This approach lets you use/develop a group of Java components that can be used together to offer a rapid application development environment.

The most important features are:
• XML based configuration
• Component based presentation and business logic
• Completly reusable components
• Runs fine on all Java powered web containers
• AJAX support
• Covers all enterprise search needs
• Event driven model
• Pluggable behaviors (filters and matchers)

Jigsaw has been used in different areas such as POCs for pre-sales, demos for R&D and front-end implementations for our customers and Global Services. In all these scenarios Jigsaw has been showing a good productivity gain during the application development.

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