Collapsible Panel blind effect doesn't work on IE - Jigsaw 1.1


The collapsible panel component blind up/down effect doesn't work on IE 6 nor 7.
I've found out that the reason behind this is the fact that tomahawk encapsulates an older version of prototype.js (1.4 something).
When I overwrote this file in a hard-coded way with a newer version (1.6.3) the problem disappeared.
However, in order to do this correctly we would need to update the javaScriptLocation property on Tomahawk component tags.
I'm using the InputCalendar Tomahawk component and this property doesn't get reflected at runtime when I change it.
This bug can be fixed by upgrading tomahawk and tomahawk-sandbox to 1.1.9 and commons-upload to 1.2.1.
Leandro Monteiro